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Locally made Caribbean juices

Locally made Caribbean juices

My juices are made by me with natural ingredients. 


*Ginger which is great for our digestive system, it contains a compound known as 6-gingerol which has been known to help aid the reduction of cancer cells..It also helps with nausea and free radicals from our bodies amongst other health benefits...


*Mauby is made from the bark of the Mauby tree which when boiled and ingested works as a natural cleanser from the inside out, helps lower blood sugar, reduces inflammation which in turn reduces pain and boosts your immunity...


*Sorrel is a plant that belongs to the hibiscus family and has know to help lower high blood pressure,, sorrel is high in vitamins and minerals it is a powerful antioxidant and as been known to help prevent a wide range of illnesses and chronic diseases, it can help to promote good heart health it as even been known to help with cancer according to some studies...  Sorrel can be consumed hot or cold with or without sugar...  


Lime juice has been known to help in digestion, help prevent kidney stones, boost the immune system and has anti-inflammatories properties...


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    Refridgerate after opening

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