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Bringing The Taste Of D' Islands To You

One Taste Bud @ A Time

In today’s fast-paced world of online ordering and easy food deliveries, we want to do things differently.

KT CARIBBEAN CUISINE is all about bringing the atmosphere of warm Caribbean service to you with a smile! from the island of Trinidad and Tobago,

We’ve been serving the greater Buffalo area since 2013 and have enjoyed ever moment of it.

So if you’re around, come say hi.  We`ll be waiting to revive your taste buds!  See you soon.   

Follow us online for real-time location updates.

Our Journey

KT CARIBBEAN CUISINE was first opened in 2013 primarily as a Food Pop-Up tent.  After serving you from under our tent, in the wind, rain and cold for over 7 years we were able to purchase our food truck in 2021, now we are able to  serve  more neighborhoods, more days of the week; so look for us at a location near you to sample our mouth watering Trinbago (Trinidad & Tobago) cuisines or hire us to cater your next event 

We cater to Offices, Schools, Hospitals, Privite Events anywhere food is needed.

We would love the opportunity to "Revive Your Taste Buds"!


Thanks to our delicious kitchen on wheels, we’re able to go wherever we want, whenever we want. Scroll below to see our locations, schedule and times.

Catch us while you can!



                                                                                                                                         OUR FOOD IS CLOSED FOR THE WINTER 
                                                                                                  You can fine us @ Buffalo State university in the Student Union across from Moot Hall 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Mon-Sat 11:30-7pm till May 17th
                                                                                                                                              Come Visit US, We'll Be Waiting To Revive Your Taste Buds

Stay tuned for 2024 Dates & Locations

Rusty Nickel Brewing Co.: 4350 Seneca St, West Seneca, Saturday 2-6pm   MENU: Doubles, Jamaican Patties, Jerk Mac bowl & Oxtail Sandwich 

LARKIN SQUARE:     5-8pm MENU: *Curry & Jerk Chicken *Doubles(Vegetarian & Chicken) *Oxtail, *Jamaican  Patties(beef, chicken, veggie)   

Roswell Farmers Market:
11am-1:30pm  MENU:
*Jerk Chicken *Curry chicken *Oxtail *Rice *Sautéed cabbage * Fried Plantain, *Stewed Lentils, *Mac & Cheese   

65 Niagara Square (
front of City Hall
      11am-2:30pm MENU:*Jerk Chicken *Curry chicken *Rice *Sautéed cabbage * Fried Plantain, Stewed Lentils, Mac & Cheese *Oxtail sometimes Doubles(call ahead)

Canal Side: (Prime St.)  All Concerts (Outer Harbor) & events for the Season   

Pink Wine & Rose' Fest 111:   2pm-8pm (
6892 Lake Shore Rd.) MENU:*Jerk Chicken *Curry chicken *Oxtail *Rice *Sautéed cabbage * Fried Plantain, *Stewed Lentils, *Mac & Cheese 

589 Ellicott Street corner of Virginia: Thursday  , More days TBO 11:30am-2pm MENU:*Stew Oxtail *Curry & Jerk chicken, *Rice  *Sautéed Cabbage*Fried Plantain *Stewed Lentils  *Mac & cheese 

Taste of Diversity    ( 11am-6pm)Funk Fest (Jefferson Ave)    (4am-9pm) MLK Park



Get in touch to find out more about catering and special events.

Mailing Address

465 Grant St.  #472
Buffalo, NY 14213


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