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Bringing The Taste Of D' Islands To You

One Taste Bud @ A Time


In today’s fast-paced world of online ordering and easy food deliveries, we want to do things differently.

KT CARIBBEAN CUISINE is all about bringing the atmosphere of warm Caribbean service to you with a smile! from the island of Trinidad and Tobago,

We’ve been serving the greater Buffalo area since 2013.  If you’re around, come say hi.  We`ll be waiting to revive your taste buds!  See you soon.   Follow us online for real-time location updates.



2023 Dates


Elmwood & W. Ferry (OUR HOME SPOTHere  11:30-3:30pm   if we`re not booked at a private facility

M & T Lunch Time music concert Main St.  Every Tuesday from  June 14th -Aug.15     11am-2pm

LARKIN SQUARE:  Tuesday  6/13, 7/11, 8/01, 8/15 , 8/22, 8/29    5-8pm  
MENU:  Roti(chicken & Beef) Doubles(Vegetarian, chicken &shrimp) *Pholourie *Jamaican  Patties(beef, chicken, veggie)

FLYING BISON(Larkin Sq.)    Tuesday  Dates TBO
MENU: *Oxtail with Rice, Sautéed Cabbage, Fry Plantain *Jamaican Pattie(beef, chicken, veggie)*Doubles & Roti (may vary

Thursday in the Square ( front of City Hall
Thursday   6/1,  7/13,  8/03,   8/24, 9/14, 10/5       11am-2:30pm
MENU: *Jerk Chicken *Curry chicken *Rice *Sautéed cabbage * Fried Plantain, Stewed Lentils, Mac & Cheese *Oxtail *Roti(sometimes) * Doubles 

Canal Side: (Prime St.)  All Concerts (Outer Harbor) & events for the Season 
Look at flyer to the right for festival days

589 Ellicott Street corner of Vergina: Thursdays  6/15,6/29, More days TBO   11:30am-2pm
MENU: *Stew Oxtail *Curry & Jerk chicken, *Rice  *Sautéed Cabbage*Fried Plantain *Stewed Lentils  *Mac & cheese 

Taste of Diversity                                              
June 24th ( 11am-6pm)

Funk Fest (Jefferson Ave)    Aug. 25th, 26th & 27th (4am-9pm)

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We might stop by your neighborhood soon!


Get in touch to find out more about catering and special events.

Mailing Address

465 Grant St.  #472
Buffalo, NY 14213


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